Exploring Gitbook.
Exploring Gitbook as my blogging site. This is the description I would like to write here. It is a sample description that gives a high-level idea about the post. Ignore.
Actually, this is the main content, people generally look at this part just after few seconds while visiting this blog. This is a sample body I am writing, please excuse me if I bore you, but I really wanted to see how this blog looks like; and I am not the person who change the look and feel part everyday. I will test this thoroughly though.
I appreciate your patience. Thank you.
Actually, writing-wise it's very convenient. I am focusing this platform for my technical blogging. I decided to start writing all (or most :P) of the tech stuff I do everyday. I wasn't writing things actively till now, but now, as I've decided
I wanted to start with a 2020 blogging platform which looks good to visitors, easy to manage and help me to share things how I want to.
#isn't this amazing! It's very simple to demonstrate the commandline part
#or a code snippet here.
a = [3,2,1]
print a.pop()
The interesting fact: This platform gitbook isn't built for blogging but somehow I really like this to write tech posts.
Let's see. :)
Let me put a gif to test.
Looks good to me, I can add captions too.
Isn't it amazing? I really feel some essence of readme.io here. Never-mind.
and, wow!! ctrl+enter to exit the upper block. A well prepared shortcut. Overall, I guess I am almost satisfied.
Let's see if I actually use this further or not.
Thank you. #YouAreAwesome.
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